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Online Tutor for MATH SAT
&  ACT

COVID-19: Live Online Tutoring

Are your children struggling with online virtual school? Help is here! Live Online Private Tutoring is the answer during this global pandemic. Set up a personalized, 1:1 session with an extraordinary online tutor today. Watch marks soar and stress melt away.  Book your complimentary consultation today!

Online high school student getting homework help on ACT math from an online tutor.
Tutor student high five grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 grade 6 happy student best tutor

Benefits of Starting TODAY

Struggling with school work can compound as students progress and curriculum becomes more challenging. New material often builds on prior concepts. Grasping the fundamentals early will not only help your child ace that upcoming test, but more importantly, position them well for the years ahead. Miss Dori doesn't just guide students through their daily homework.  She inspires students to stimulate their own problem solving creativity.  Don't wait.  Get in touch today!

Weekly Tutoring 

School shouldn't cause kids undue stress. Homework shouldn't be a struggle or a fight.​ Rest easy knowing Miss Dori is there to help no matter what homework crisis arises. Regular, weekly tutoring sessions are a favourite choice for both students and parents. We will reserve the same day and time for your family every week. This builds routine for your child and offers peace of mind for parents.

Happy middle school student and tutor working on grade 8 and grade 9 math homework.
Online math tutor teaching grade 10 or grade 11 student how to do sinusoidal functions and trig math problems.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the go-to solution for all students during the coronavirus pandemic. During online, live tutoring sessions, two-way video allows students to show their work and ask questions. The online white board allows both the student and tutor write on screen, while still viewing the interactive two-way video at the same time - just as if Miss Dori was in the room with them!

Test Prep

I will create a personalized study plan for you based on when you plan to write. I will guide you step-by-step, teaching any topics you are not familiar with.  Between sessions, I will provide personalized homework questions based on your unique weak areas. In every session, I will give you test taking strategies: how to get the answer faster or how to double check that your answer is correct.  Once the material is covered, it's time for practice exams.  Let's ace this exam!

Student writing an SAT or ACT Practice Test from the College Board. Test prep class for PSAT, SAT, ACT, or GED.

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