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Professional Online
Math Tutoring

How it Works...

Step 1

Book Time

Look at Miss Dori's online calendar to schedule a weekly time that works for you!

Student in an online tutoring session.
Step 2

Online Help

Once your session is booked, Miss Dori sends a secure video conference link. It's that simple!

High School graduates with high marks going to college.
Step 3


With regular support in place, you can sit back & relax as your child's confidence & marks soar!

How Online Tutoring Works

Online tutoring really works! The video below shows how online tutoring sessions work using popular conferencing app like Zoom Bramble together with an online whiteboard (notebook) like Bitpaper.

Zoom + Whiteboard:  
Students say it's BETTER than in person!!

Zoom enables two-way video, screen sharing, drawing, and remote control so students can communicate with the tutor while viewing the tutor's screen.  Students can click the answers on the Miss Dori's screen and ask questions as we solve problems together. 

Bitpaper is a personal online workspace (virtual notebook or whiteboard) that lets us upload homework and school assignments and then to write on the screen.  The tutor can highlight either the assignment or students' work to draw attention to a concept or highlight a mistake.  The work is saved and students can access it after our sessions or to study for tests.  Message today to get a free demo!!

Privacy Guaranteed Each student receives a private Zoom link that is encrypted and password secured for your child's privacy.  There is an online waiting room set up, so no-one can enter the room without being admitted by the tutor.

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