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Meet Dori

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Meet Miss Dori

Miss Dori has a passion for helping kids succeed.  She has led struggling students rise to see A+'s,  honour rolls, and university scholarships.

Dori has years of corporate & tutoring experience. 

Dori is Police & Vulnerable Sector certified to work with children.  She has references from lots of happy parents and students alike.  Let Miss Dori inspire your child, while adding some calm to your evening. Call today to see how Miss Dori can help your child excel.  

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Corporate Experience

Dori has 20 years of corporate and banking experience.  Dori began her career in Halifax, working for the Bank of Canada - our nation's central bank.  Dori went on to work at TD Bank. After 18 months, Dori was promoted to Investment Specialist, but it required a big move to Toronto.  So this east-coast gal packed her bags and moved across the country.  Dori quickly moved into management roles at TD's head office. After nine years at TD, Dori was invited to work for Canada's investment fund regulator, The Mutual Funds Dealers Association. Two year later, RBC Global Asset Management hired Dori as an Investment Communications Manager.  She was quickly promoted at RBC to become a Product Manager for the largest Fund of Funds portfolio in Canada.


Testimonials - Anchor 2

Money Well Spent - Don't Wait!

"Both my children were tutored and it was money well spent.  Think TODAY - while children are off school due to the pandemic - NOW is the time to strengthen their skills. What a great opportunity to keep them engaged. Don't wait for them to play catch up."

27 Mar 2020

Jocelyn Miller Roy, Parent
Wilbraham MA, USA

Smiling Student

From Failing to Honour Roll

“I went from failing grades to being on the honour roll for three consecutive years!  Dori empowered me to become the person I am today.”

07 Apr 2020

Grade 11 Student
Bishop Strachan School (BSS)
Toronto, ON

Claire Sookman Tutor Testimonial Photo.j

Highly Recommend

"Dori is outstanding! She is incredibly patient, provides feedback in a constructive and gentle way and has a terrific sense of humour. I would highly recommend Dori for tutoring. She is such a joy to work with."

10 Apr 2020
Claire Sookman

Educator & Parent
Toronto, ON

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